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Dry Stone Fence & Mortared Entranceway Gate Pillars
Custom Design and Build Installation
Private Residence, Hudson, OH
Complete Outdoor Installation, LLC built this dry stone fence on State Route 303 in Hudson. The project
started with the entranceway gate pillars and wing walls in 2012. New electrical service was provided for
the lighting and automatic gate motor. Each of the gate post pillars are illuminated from within to light
the arches at night. Additional LED spot lighting was used to light the surface of the entranceway walls.
July 2013 the construction for phase two began as the wooden fence along the right of way was replaced by a
new dry stone fence. The field side of the fence reveals protruding ties stones used as structural elements
but also as an aesthetic feature. Dry stone fences have traditionally been built with tie stones like these to
deter livestock from rubbing on the face stones of the wall. Here they are accentuated and used as a
"hidden" feature since they are only protrude on the field side of the wall.
 A single stone was chosen as a mailbox post with the address carved onto the sides. The project totals over
600 linear feet of stone fence containing over 300 tons of stone.
Project Scope: